The original (by TV On The Radio) is one of my favourite songs and I wasn’t entirely convinced it would be suited to Anna Calvi’s dark, gothic, dissonant weirdness, but it works amazingly well. The song is ostensibly about a dood transforming into a werewolf, but clearly it’s about sexual awakening and raw, animalistic fucking (“My heart’s aflame / My body’s strained / But God I like it”, “Feeding on fever / Down on all fours / Show you what all the howl is for”) and Calvi’s knack for stripping songs down to their bare bones, the primal howl of her guitar, the way she purrs, hisses and coos her way through the song (if it wasn’t about sex before, in her hands it most certainly is)…it just feels right, even it’s all a million miles from the walls of feedback and punk rock fervour of the original.

Bob Russell

Further listening, yo: TV On The Radio, Bat For Lashes, PJ Harvey, St Vincent, Torres, Laura Marling, Hooverphonic, Agnes Obel, EMA

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